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Safe and Productive Autonomous Mining Operations

Autonomous Training

Complete training solutions for autonomous technologies in surface and underground mining.

Automation in mining is increasing. While less equipment operators will have traditional roles, there will still be large numbers of site personnel to be trained to ensure the safe and productive operation of autonomous systems. Immersive Technologies’ training solutions rapidly and effectively prepare site personnel to assume their new autonomous roles in a safe environment.

Increase Safety

  • Rehearse and assess safe interaction with autonomous equipment and systems.
  • Reduce risk to personnel, property or equipment while training.

Increase Productivity and Profitability

  • Quantify and optimize the skills of personnel to decrease the cost per tonne.
  • Decrease human errors that have a significant impact to mine profitability.
  • Reduce performance variability across key autonomous operational roles.
  • Reduce in-field training time and minimize impact to production through the use of simulation.

High Training Throughput

  • Easily scale training capacity as and when required through the Virtual Classroom training solution.
  • Provide self-directed training to personnel, freeing up experts and in-field trainers to spend their time on other value-added activities.

High Learning Retention and Training Effectiveness

  • Provide structured role-specific training with multiple curriculum pathways.
  • Maximize learning retention by practicing and perfecting the use of the autonomous screens from the vehicles in simulation.
  • Provide effective targeted training by identifying specific skill gaps and improvement opportunities from simulation performance metrics.

Improve Training Consistency

  • Assess and track competencies in a consistent manner.
  • Improve training data reliability for fair assessment and comparison of results.

Codelco Gaby Virtual Training Center - Customer Video (Spanish)

Compatible Machine Groups

Haul Truck Training Simulators
Hydraulic Excavator Training Simulators
Hydraulic Shovel Training Simulators
Rope Shovel Training Simulators
Track Dozer Training Simulators
Wheel Loader Training Simulators
Grader Training Simulators
Light Vehicle Training Simulators
Underground Mining Truck Training Simulators

Real Results in Autonomous Mining Training

Let us show you how our solutions can drive results at your site.

REF#PR2019 - Iron Ore Mine, Australia

Excavator operators were being faced with productivity challenges when interacting with an autonomous haulage system. They have a high overall impact on site productivity, while the complexity of their roles is elevated with the introduction of a new in-cab system interface. A fully integrated Komatsu AHS system simulation was set up to achieve the following improvements:

  • 8% improvement in instantaneous dig rate (T/Hr)
  • 42% improvement in AHS spot creation time per truck
  • 68% improvement in AHS wait time per truck
  • 72% improvement in AHS exception time per truck

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Codelco's Gabriela Mistral Copper Mine, Chile

Immersive Technologies has a history of partnering within the mining industry to overcome major challenges and is now working to overcome the workforce development obstacles affecting the adoption of autonomous mining. At Codelco's Gabriela Mistral "Gaby" copper mine in Chile, Immersive Technologies is developing and integrating a blended learning training center for autonomous haulage. At this training center, personnel will undergo computer based training, virtual classroom and simulator training to prepare them specifically for autonomous haulage operations.

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