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Improved Productivity

Increased Mine Productivity

  • Focus on the right issues that will deliver the highest returns
  • Demonstrate actual cost savings and productivity improvements related directly to financial metrics
  • Quantifiable productivity improvements without compromising on safety or increasing costs
  • Utilize detailed analysis of data from various operational systems to highlight improvement opportunities as well as measure the impact of targeted training interventions

Graph showing mine productivity improvements through the use of data analytics and targeted operator training

We know that equipment performance is heavily dependent on operator skill, knowledge and attitude. Our unique approach ensures our customers focus on the right issues that will deliver the highest returns. We work closely with mining customers and OEM’s to ensure the technology is properly integrated and quantified results are achieved.

Following work with 230+ sites globally we know significant quantifiable improvements can be achieved at any mining operation. Our proven results highlight productivity increases achieved in mining operations through the use of data analytics and training solutions from Immersive Technologies.

We understand that every mining operation and training center has different needs and priorities that require customization, flexibility and consultation to maximize outcomes. We provide customized solutions which can include trainers, consultants, supervision and technology including flexible hire of Simulators.

Real Results in Productivity

Let us show you how our solutions can drive results at your site.


Energy Coal Producer, South Africa

Customer was under pressure to show marked improvement in their overall production across all of their mine sites with an identified risk regarding the absence of a formal Dragline operator training strategy. A comparison of operator performance in the six months before and six months after the training showed:

  • 4% improvement in cycle times
  • 10% improvement in swing times
  • 5.7% improvement in bucket fill factors



Iron Ore Producer, USA

Simulator data was used to track progress of production specific skill and knowledge retention at three sites. Infield data was collected and analyzed both before and after training. The end result was an average of 24.3% improvement in spot times across all three sites.


Crude Oil Producer, Canada

An initial training needs analysis demonstrated an opportunity to improve haul truck spot times. Data analysis revealed that only 20% of the workforce were responsible for the majority of lower than expected productivity. Upon the completion of the training initiative average spot times were reduced by 9 seconds.

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