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Consistently measure operator competency and maximize operator throughput with Immersive Technologies' eLearning solution

Immersive Technologies offers eLearning which can either be stand alone or part of a fully integrated offering with our operator development solutions. This scalable solution enables operations to select and purchase learning content which can be customized to meet their specific needs and offers a broader training solution for the mining industry.

eLearning is an interactive, self-directed computer application designed to present information and confirm employee comprehension and ability. It is the repository for key knowledge, both broad and specific. It can be viewed by everyone and helps create a base for learning so that everyone is on the same page.

eLearning Benefits

  • Uses instructional techniques to increase learning, skills and alignment with values
  • Customized for your specific needs
  • Cost effective
  • Scalable from one course into multiple courses and Curriculum pathways
  • Takes the pressure off expert trainers and simulation resources

Create Engaged Workers

  • Safety - workers look out for each other, enabled by their mastery of key hazards and overall processes.
  • Respect - for the power and capability of their equipment, which leads to greater awareness of its limitations and maintenance needs.
  • Efficiency - in operator behaviour, with individual equipment actions, as well as overall process interactions.

eLearning Sample Lesson (2 minutes)

Equipment Simulators

PRO3-B Simulator
Built specifically for surface mining.

IM360 High Fidelity Simulator
Built specifically for underground.

A concise version of SimControl that you can install and run on your laptop or desktop.

Maintain complete visibility over your local or global simulation training activities via a secure website.

Briefing, Debriefing and Live Session Display available via a large touch screen monitor.

Trainer Productivity Station
A centralized workstation that can connect up to five Advanced Equipment Simulators.

Increase training personnel’s knowledge from basic operation to advanced administration operation.

Custom Mine Sites
Highly realistic 3D representation of your actual mining operation.

Customer Support Packages
Flexible packages delivering system availability, mitigation of implementation risks and real operational results.

Learning Systems

Instructor Led Training
Highly customized classroom based training to address site specific objectives.

Pre-Start Inspection
A visual learning system that ensures effective, efficient and consistent training of personnel.

Consulting & Analytics

Continuous Improvement Projects
Utilize mine site data to determine targeted objectives and deliver measurable outcomes.

Training Systems Integration
The mining industry’s most trusted technology integration and mine operator training framework.