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Komatsu Mining Training Simulators

Immersive Technologies’ Conversion Kits provide the ultimate in Komatsu training realism for mines focused on increasing operator safety, improving productivity and reducing levels of unscheduled maintenance.

Immersive Technologies’ simulators enable a range of specific operator errors and events allowing you to obtain maximum operator efficiency while monitoring and training for equipment damage and potentially life-threating emergency scenarios.

Conversion Kits® are Immersive Technologies' interchangeable equipment modules that fit onto base simulator platforms allowing a range of different equipment to be simulated.

Haul Trucks

Track Dozers

Wheel Loaders

Hydraulic Shovels and Excavators

Simulator for Komatsu Shovel PC8000-5


Simulator for Komatsu Shovel
PC8000-5 (Diesel)


If the equipment you need is not listed above please contact us today to discuss upcoming Conversion Kit® releases.

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