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We optimize Operators by changing their behavior and skill level in a sustainable way with our people, processes and simulation technology.

We are dedicated to measurably improve equipment operator safety and productivity to increase customer profitability. We are the world's largest, proven and tested supplier of surface and underground simulators to the global mining industry and our solutions align workforce development strategies with operational data and analytical tools to improve the speed and effectiveness of training and risk management initiatives.

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As the world's largest supplier of mining equipment simulators, Immersive Technologies' has a customer base that includes many of the world's leading mining operations, mining contractors, training schools and original equipment manufacturers.


Immersive Technologies is the world's most trusted provider of workforce development solutions for mining. We achieve breakthrough operational performance via the combination of consultants and advanced proprietary technology.


Immersive Technologies works closely with mining operations and equipment manufacturers to solve real mining industry problems in areas of safety, productivity, reactive maintenance and the availability of skilled equipment operators.

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Hitachi EH4000 AC3 Haul Truck

Surface Simulator Module

Hitachi EH4000 AC3, EH5000 AC3 Haul Truck

Sandvik DL421 Long Hole Drill

Underground Simulator Module

Sandvik DL421 Long Hole Underground Drill

Sandvik LH621 Underground Loader

Underground Simulator Module

Sandvik LH621 / LH517 Underground Loader

Latest videos


WorksiteVR Quest

Virtual Reality Training, WorksiteVR Quest: A Leap Forward in Personnel Induction at Rio Tinto’s Oyu Tolgoi Mine.

19 December, 2017

Immersive Technologies developed a series of WorksiteVR Quest virtual reality scenarios designed to facilitate a blended learning model in conjunction with eLearning and practical activities. Mine site inductions are necessary however often dry, boring, and forgettable. Mining operations are now acknowledging the value of Virtual Reality Training, shifting site inductions to become a significant opportunity to proactively mitigate risk. With the use of WorksiteVR Quest, this is being achieved with exceptional results. Mining personnel are completing their induction possessing the confidence that they can apply their learnings and deal with emergency situations, along with an increased level of information retention after induction is complete.

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Growth of Managed Services is Quantifiably Reducing Risk and Cost for Miners
26 October, 2017

Is your operator training program inefficient and failing to prove return on investment? Too often training is done “for the sake of it” or only to fulfill a compliance requirement. In reality the biggest return on investment from training equipment operators is achieved by targeting actual performance variance identified through data including fleet management system data.

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Immersive Technologies and Tecwise Sistemas de Automaçao enters into partnership for the Brazilian Market
18 September, 2017

Immersive Technologies has chosen to increase their long-term commitment to the Brazilian market by partnering with TecWise Sistemas de Automaçao, a subsidiary of Comms International, for the creation of a locally based Simulator and VR sales, service and support organization.

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Endeavour Mining’s West African Mine, Houndé Gold, Seeing Significant Operator Improvements with Simulator Training from Immersive Technologies
10 July, 2017

The greenfield Houndé Gold Operation (HGO) by Endeavour Mining in Burkina Faso has recently gone into development and with quick timelines to get equipment to site and operators trained. Endeavour Mining has selected operator training solutions from Immersive Technologies.

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VALE Ferrosos Make Big Efficiency Improvements to Win the Immersive Technologies Annual Business Improvement Award
2 June, 2017

The annual recognition for mining companies using simulation for operator training and business improvement from Immersive Technologies was awarded to Brazil’s VALE Ferrosos. The award recognizes the achievements of mine sites focused on improving operational safety, efficiency and productivity through strategic and focused simulator based training initiatives.

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