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Mexican Mines Recording Major Gains in Equipment Reliability and Reduced Fuel Usage

13 April 2017

At an accelerating rate, Mexican mines are taking advantage of advanced simulation technology along with skilled people and proven process, from Immersive Technologies, to optimize their equipment operator workforce.

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MCC Mining Building Enterprise Value with Immersive Technologies Managed Services
17 February 2017

New direction from a proactive and forward thinking Executive team at South Africa’s leading contract mining company, MCC Contract Mining & Services, a division of the eXtract Group, has led to the investment in one of the largest operator training center projects in Africa.

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Embedded Staff and Simulators from Immersive Technologies Accelerating Operational Readiness at Canada Fluorspar
24 January, 2017

Immersive Technologies has mobilized a managed training solution which includes Advanced Equipment Simulators and embedded staff at Canada Flurospar. Immersive Technologies’ embedded training staff have already aided the recruitment and assessment of equipment operators and will soon shift focus to improving equipment operator performance once the mine is operational.

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Simulators from Immersive Technologies Developing Community Skills at Canada’s Rainy River Gold Mine
9 December 2016

New Gold’s Rainy River Project in Canada is anticipated to create 600 permanent jobs. As part of their investment New Gold is providing training in mining. Simulators from Immersive Technologies are being used to develop future mining equipment operators in the local community.

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Immersive Technologies in Russia - Driving Results at Phosagro’s Apatit Underground Mine
25 November 2016

Changes in drilling conditions and focus on operator workforce development at Phosagro’s Apatit mine in Russia prompted management to seek a better way to train their operators. With the rapid sales growth and operation success of Immersive Technologies’ simulators in underground mining, Phosagro chose for its operators to be trained on an IM360 Advanced Equipment Simulator.

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