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Learning Systems

From one-off eLearning modules, to fully integrated and staffed Learning Centers delivering significant and quantified return on investment to your Business; Immersive Technologies, will customize a solution to meet your specific needs.

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eLearning is an interactive, self-directed computer application designed to present information and confirm employee comprehension and ability. It is the repository of key knowledge, both broad and specific. It can be viewed by all and helps create a base for learning so that everyone is on the same page.

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Instructor Led Training

Highly customized classroom based training to address site specific objectives. Structured learning environment with instructor support material to deliver consistent group training.

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Pre-start Inspection

Immersive Technologies’ Pre-Start Inspection tool ensures effective, efficient and consistent training of personnel. Using a visual learning system with realistic cues, the application caters for both experienced and green personnel.

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Virtual Classroom

Desktop simulated scenarios to train and assess teams or individuals in their application of vital procedural knowledge, such as that required to interact with automated or autonomous equipment.


As the market leader in next generation training technologies Immersive Technologies is leading the way in virtual reality development with their new product, WorksiteVR™ which allows users to virtually experience, engage and understand surface and underground environments, safety hazards and emergency situations.

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