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Our Mission is to measurably improve equipment operator safety and productivity to increase customer profitability

We achieve this by changing the behaviour and skill level of operators in a sustainable way with our simulation technology, our people and our process. We are the world's largest, proven and tested supplier of surface and underground simulators to the global mining industry and our solutions align workforce development strategies with operational data and analytical tools to improve the speed and effectiveness of training and risk management initiatives.

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As the world's largest supplier of mining equipment simulators, Immersive Technologies' has a customer base that includes 9 out of 10 of the world's leading mining companies, along with mining contractors, training schools and original equipment manufacturers.


Immersive Technologies is the world's most trusted provider of workforce development solutions for mining. We achieve breakthrough operational performance via the combination of advanced proprietary technology, our people and our process.


Immersive Technologies works closely with mining operations and equipment manufacturers to solve real mining industry problems in areas of safety, productivity, reactive maintenance and the availability of skilled equipment operators.

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Underground Simulator Module

Sandvik DL421 Long Hole Underground Drill

Surface Simulator Module

Caterpillar 6020B Excavator

Underground Simulator Module

Sandvik LH203 Underground Loader

Underground Simulator Module

Sandvik LH307 Underground Loader

Underground Simulator Module

Sandvik LH621 / LH517

Underground Simulator Module

Sandvik TH663 Underground Truck

Underground Simulator Module

Atlas Copco S1D Rocket Boomer

Surface Simulator Module

P&H 4100XPC

Surface Simulator Module

Volvo A40F Articulated Dump Truck

Underground Simulator Module

Atlas Copco L1C Jumbo Drill with RCS

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VALE Ferrosos Make Big Efficiency Improvements to Win the Immersive Technologies Annual Business Improvement Award

2 June, 2017

The annual recognition for mining companies using simulation for operator training and business improvement from Immersive Technologies was awarded to Brazil’s VALE Ferrosos. The award recognizes the achievements of mine sites focused on improving operational safety, efficiency and productivity through strategic and focused simulator based training initiatives.

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Immersive Technologies Leading the Way in African Simulator Sales
8 May, 2017

African Underground Mining Services (AUMS), a Barminco Limited and Ausdrill 50/50 Joint Venture, continues to provide significant market growth in the African region for Immersive Technologies, with recent orders for two IM360 simulator platforms with Conversion Kits deployed for Sandvik Long Hole and Jumbo Drills, LHD’s and Trucks and a Cat Truck and LHD.

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Mexican Mines Recording Major Gains in Equipment Reliability and Reduced Fuel Usage
13 April, 2017

At an accelerating rate, Mexican mines are taking advantage of advanced simulation technology along with skilled people and proven process, from Immersive Technologies, to optimize their equipment operator workforce.

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MCC Mining Building Enterprise Value with Immersive Technologies Managed Services
17 February, 2017

New direction from a proactive and forward thinking Executive team at South Africa’s leading contract mining company, MCC Contract Mining & Services, a division of the eXtract Group, has led to the investment in one of the largest operator training center projects in Africa.

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Embedded Staff and Simulators from Immersive Technologies Accelerating Operational Readiness at Canada Fluorspar
24 January, 2017

Immersive Technologies has mobilized a managed training solution which includes Advanced Equipment Simulators and embedded staff at Canada Flurospar. Immersive Technologies’ embedded training staff have already aided the recruitment and assessment of equipment operators and will soon shift focus to improving equipment operator performance once the mine is operational.

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